Get a Jump Start on Growing

Just can't wait to get your hands in the dirt? Well, we have just what you need to get you started while the ground is still frozen. Come in to our store for all you need from soil to lights and all the fertilizers and greenhouse kits in between.

Kits & Accessories

50 Cell Greenhouse Kit with Fiber Pellets

72 Cell Basic Greenhouse Kit

50 Cell Greenhouse Kits with Fiber Pots


Fertilizers & Soil

The Evolve line up of products is made with only organic ingredients. The ingredients that go into the making of these products are accepted by the National Organic Program (N.O.P) and many other Certified Organic bodies across Canada. Now these products are available to you. Trust that you are getting the best organic ingredients to give to your plants.

EVOLVE Tomato Plant Fertilizer

EVOLVE Organic Dog Spot Prevent

EVOLVE Rage Plus Plant Fertilizer

Schultz Seed Starter Plus Potting Soil

Lights & T5HO Combos

18" T5HO + Nano Combo for NanoDome

SunBlaster 13 Watt 6400K CFL

SunBlaster 26 Watt 6400K CFL

24", 36" & 48" T5HO & NanoTech Reflector Combos