Fairy Gardens

Unlock the magic

Fairy Gardening has become a popular outlet for creativity. Designing a miniature world where life is full of surprises and anything becomes possible. In the process perhaps, inviting a little bit of magic into our lives! Fairy gardening gives you a place to garden year round plus you can attract a fairy or two for good luck! It’s a fun project that can be tended to and changed throughout the year.

Fairies are small elusive mythical creatures that are said to have magical powers. They inspire belief and anyone that encounters one is reported to have good luck. These tiny creatures have beautiful wings, clothes made of flowers, and spend their time hiding amongst the flowers. Fairies are fascinating and there is always hope that one will be spotted amongst the plants in your garden. Building a little world for the Fairies will most certainly unlock the magic!

How to Start?

  1. Choose a container
    • should be big enough to incorporate plants and hard goods and deep enough to anchor hard goods
    • must have drainage - plants will require watering and fertilizing
  2. Filling your container
    • Bottom Layer - rocks or pebbles; enough for 2.5-5cm (1-2”)
    • Middle Layer - charcoal; same depth as the bottom layer and is optional
    • Top Layer - a good all purpose potting soil. Coconut Coir is a nice choice because it doesn’t have the perlite (white bits) and other additives that can detract from pathways and other accessories
  3. Choose your plants
    Fairy Flowers are a line of plants that have been selected because they stay small naturally.  These plants will thrive outdoors during the growing season and indoors for the remainder of the year. These delicate colourful plants will help bring your garden to life. When they start to out grow their space they can be pruned back. They can be changed out when inspiration hits or as seasons change so too can your fairy garden change!
  4. Choose hard goods and accessories
    Try to follow a theme or pick pieces that complement each other
  5. Putting it all together
    • Arrange plants and hard goods on the soil surface. Move things around until you are happy with the layout
    • Plant plants into the garden and anchor your hard goods
    • Add stepping stones, pathways, bird houses, pixie wheels, birdbaths, benches, fairy dust, and other accents
  6. Stand back enjoy and tend to your garden

Fairy Gardening is a fun way to get your hands dirty year round. Spark your imagination and create a little world full of personality. The magic in a fairy garden is only limited by your imagination.