Grow Lights

Are you looking for supplemental lighting for seed or vegetative propagation that is reliable and affordable? Do you want a head start on your tomatoes?  The SunBlaster T5HO + Nanotech combo’s are available in 18”, 2’, 3’, and 4’ kits. The kits include ballast, power cord, jumper plug, mounting clips, reflector and a 6400 k lamp. This is the perfect combination to meet your growing requirements. Replacement lamps are available.

Looking for a way to change out that dim yellow light in the kitchen? Sunblaster CFL’s are perfect for plants, home, office or anywhere you want a more natural type of light. Even pets will benefit from the balanced full spectrum lighting.

Sunblaster Grow lights are energy efficient, quiet, and non-flickering with minimal heat. They can be placed 1’ to 2’ above the canopy of the plants and are a popular choice for year round indoor gardeners. Plants do require a minimum of 6 to 13 hours of good light per day. Follow the directions on the packaging.

We also carry the NanoDome. This is a propagation kit that comes with a thick 1020 growing tray, vented dome and a Sunblaster T5 grow light and reflector with built in tracks; everything you need to give your seeds or cuttings an environment to thrive in.