Tools & Garden Accessories

Weeding, pruning, raking, and digging, we have you covered when it comes to gardening tools. Work smarter, not harder and have the correct tool to complete the job right. We have an excellent selection of quality hand tools, hoses, sprinklers and accessories for all your gardening tasks. Having the right equipment for the job will make your gardening experience more satisfying and allow you more time to enjoy the fruits of your labour with your family and friends. 

Besides gardening tools, we stock a selection of gardening inspired books, gloves, and even a Sunnyside cook book and catalogue. Are you looking for landscape fabric, a frost blanket, or the small items like dibblers, row markers, or pH testers? We offer all of these and much more.

Tools should last for a long time and it is not always an economic savings to buy cheap. Purchase good quality products as they are less likely to fail you.

We also rent fertilizer spreaders and sod rollers for your convenience. They are on a first come - first serve basis.

Tips to help prolong the life of your tools

Before putting your tools away after each use you should do the following:
  • Remove soil and debris from all tools
  • Ensure tools are dry to prevent rust and handle rot
  • Wipe down all the metal parts with an oil, particularly pruning tools
  • Keep your tools sharp