Best Small Trees

When planting trees it is important that the tree has enough room to mature and will not outgrow the allotted space.  Nothing is more frustrating than having a tree overtake a yard, block walkways, or grow into windows.  Yards this day in age are small and it is important to choose a tree suitable to the size of your yard.

Here are some trees that are ideal for small yards.   All the tree listed below will be 20ˈ(6m) or less at maturity.

Amur Maple – small tree or multi-stemmed shrub, lobed green leave turn red in the fall

Bakeri Spruce – pyramidal shaped spruce with striking powder-blue needles

Bristlecone Pine – irregular dense conical tree with dark green white flecked needles

Crabapples – round-headed trees with varying colours or leaves and flowers

Evans Cherry – small, upright spreading tree with white flowers and edible cherries

Hawthorn – small upright rounded tree with white or pink flowers and glossy red fruit

Japanese Tree Lilac – upright oval tree with showy clusters of creamy-white flowers in the summer

Mountain Pine – upright pyramidal tree with dark green needles

Pear – upright oval headed tree with white flowers, orange fall colour and small fruit

Pin Cherry – small upright oval tree with white flowers, bright red cherries, orange fall colour and reddish-brown bark

Muckle Plum – small round headed tree with rosy pink flowers and orange fall colour.  Non-fruiting

Princess Kay Plum – small oval headed tree with white flowers, orange fall colour and yellow-red fruit.

Plums – small upright tree with white flowers and edible fruit

Romance Series Cherries – small upright tree with glossy dark green leaves, white flowers and edible berries

Showy Mountain Ash – compact, round headed tree with white flowers, orange-red berries and orange-red fall colour

Weeping Caragana – small weeping tree with bright yellow flowers, olive-green bark and yellow fall colour

Young’s Weeping Birch – small irregular weeping tree with chalk-white peeling bark, bright yellow fall colour