All Your Animal Needs

Our pet store caters to the needs of dogs, cats, small animals, fish, and birds (wild and companion).

For the dog and cat enthusiast, we carry an excellent selection of quality wet and dry food, chews and treats. We also have a great assortment of dog accessories, hygiene and grooming products. The toy selection will also entertain and elevate bonding time with your pet. For the feline sector, we have a good selection of cat trees, assorted clay free, clumping kitty litter, and of course cat nip.

For the smaller animals we have a supply of food, timothy hay, alfalfa and other accessories. We keep in stock frozen foods such as mice and blood worms, brine shrimp and have 2 and 4 week old crickets. We have an assortment of food, spray millet and cage accessories for the companion bird as well.

In our aquatic section, we supply everything to get you up and going with a new tank, including decorative rocks and decor. We also carry live fish for community tanks and offer a three day guarantee on all our fish purchases excluding the feeder fish.

Feeding the wild birds is a favourite past time for many in Calgary and we carry an outstanding supply of wild bird seed, nuts, suet and cakes along with an excellent array of feeders.

Bring your pet for a visit today!