Guide to Indoor Tropical Plants

Indoor plants are a classic and enduring method of brightening up a home’s interior. House plants first became popular during the nineteenth century and since then have become an inseparable element of home decorating. But not all plants are created equal. Some plants do well in sunny conditions, while others need the low indirect light of a north facing room. Selection of your plants must match the conditions of the room you want to put them in.

House Conditions

High Light Indoor Tropical Plants

They prefer the bright direct sunlight of south or west windows

Low Light Indoor Tropical Plants

Certain house plants, usually ones with larger leaves to take in more light, tolerate lower light levels than others. They may be situated in basements or north and east facing windows.

Indoor Tropical and Houseplant Fertilizer

A balanced fertilizer is needed for indoor tropical foliage plants.

  1. Slow release Smartcote 14-14-14
  2. Liquid concentrate Schultz 10-15-10
  3. Water soluble PlantProd 20-20-20

High Light Indoor Tropical Plants


Asparagus Fern

Bird of Paradise

Buddhist Pine

Cactus / Succulent




English Ivy

Fig Tree (Ficus)


Hawaiian Ti






Phoenix Robellini Palm

Rubber Tree



Zebra Plant

Low Light Indoor Tropical Plants

Areca Palm

Bamboo Palm

Boston Fern

Cat Palm

Chinese Fan Palm

Corn Plant


Golden Pothos

Majesty Palm

Parlour Palm

Peace Lily


Snake Plant

Spider Plant




Indoor Air Purifiers


English Ivy

Golden Pothos

Marble Queen

Peace Lily

Spider Plant



Cold Drafts and Heating Vents

Houses can be a challenging environment for a plant to grow. Cold drafts and heating vents are a major concern for house plants. During the winter months opening exterior doors can produce an icy blast of air that can harm house plants. House plants should be kept away from exterior doors.
The other major environmental concern in houses is heating vents. Heating vents blow very warm and extremely dry air that can quickly cause extensive damage to the plants. Plants should be kept four to five feet from heating vents.

Sunnyside’s Custom Transplanting

Sunnyside offers free custom transplanting for our indoor tropical plants only! Purchase any pot and tropical plant at Sunnyside and our staff will be happy to transplant it! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Pick out a tropical plant from our great selection.
  2. Choose a suitable pot from our wide selection. Pick one that is slightly larger around than the plant — the plant should fit inside easily with about an inch to spare all around. Make sure the pot has a drainage hole!
  3. Take your pot and plant to the Information Counter. They will have it potted up for you.