1 Year Guarantee

This guarantee applies to nursery stock trees and shrubs only.

  1. Cedars, specialty planters, perennials and vines are GUARANTEED for the current growing season only.
  2. All trees and shrubs are healthy plants when leaving the TREELOT.
  3. The GUARANTEE is in effect for a period of ONE YEAR from the date of purchase.
  4. The GUARANTEE does not apply to plants that have been exposed to conditions that are beyond our control – improper planting, or care, tip kill, wind, pest or herbicide damage. 
  5. If a tree or shrub fails to live we will replace the plant ONCE with a STORE CREDIT for the purchase price only. NO CASH REFUNDS.
  6. A STORE CREDIT will be issued once the DEAD PLANT* and the TILL RECEIPT have been presented at the tree lot information center. *Dead plants must be returned within ONE YEAR of the purchase date. The store credit can be used towards the purchase of replacement NURSERY STOCK or any product at Sunnyside.
  7. Our GUARANTEE IS LIMITED TO A ONE TIME ONLY REPLACEMENT and should the credit be used towards the purchase of new NURSERY STOCK it will not carry a GUARANTEE.
  8. If your purchase of NEW NURSERY STOCK exceeds the value of your store credit you will only get a partial GUARANTEE.
  9. Sunnyside’s larger TREES have a metal identification band attached to one of the branches. Please ensure this band is removed once the GUARANTEE period has lapsed.  If left on, it will inhibit the future growth. The band will not hinder the growth of the tree within the first year.
  10. DELIVERY is a NON-REFUNDABLE service


**Please note we require plants to be a minimum of 90% dead to be considered for return.  If you are unsure if a plant meets the requirements of the GUARANTEE please contact us @ 403-288-3006.