90 Day Guarantee


The following conditions apply:
  1. The GUARANTEE is in effect for 90 days from the date of purchase.
  2. If the tropical plant fails to survive or becomes infested with insects, we will issue a store credit or a replacement for the purchase price only. NO CASH REFUNDS. 
  3. Refunds and exchanges require a valid till receipt, within the time limits above. Neither credit card receipts or statements, nor bank statements are acceptable. Customer must return plant for a credit or replacement.
  4. The GUARANTEE is limited to a one time only replacement. Should the credit be used towards the purchase of a new tropical plant it will not carry a guarantee.
  5. We offer free transplanting if both the plant and pot are purchased at Sunnyside.  It is our recommendation that any pots without drainage holes, in which the plant is to be transplanted, be drilled, free of charge, to provide adequate drainage for the purchased plant.  If you choose to waive this option, the GUARANTEE will be VOID.
  6. GUARANTEE will be automatically VOID when plants are transported in a non-heated vehicle / trailer.
  7. The GUARANTEE applies to all regularly priced plants.
  8. DELIVERY is a NON REFUNDABLE service.