Patio Furniture

All Weather Patio Furniture

Wicker Resin, Wrought Iron, Aluminum, Steel, 
Vietnamese Yellow Balau Wood & Indonesian Teak Wood
Exceptional, Hand-Crafted Casual Furniture
Steel Patio Sets

Our distinctive patio furniture features heavy gauge steel tubing expertly crafted and hand welded to form the strongest combination in outdoor materials. Welds are ground where necessary to provide uniquely clean and solid connections.

Every frame is prepared using a multistage powder coat process. The frames are inspected before entering the pre-treatment center where the surfaces are chemically cleaned and prepared. Frames are then covered in a specially formulated powder coat finish in a variety of colors and textures. The bonding and curing process follows in a specially constructed treatment center. 

Wicker Resin Sets

Synthetic wicker resin is a classic design with a modern twist. Shouldn’t all your patio furniture be weather friendly?

Our hand woven outdoor wicker resin sets are made of high quality, lightweight, durable PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) & PE (Polyethylene) weaves. These high quality wicker resins are 100% recyclable, anti-microbial, non-toxic, waterproof, easy to wash and very resistant to the damaging effects of outdoor life including fading, cracking & peeling; making them virtually maintenance free. UV stabilizers have been added to make them very resistant to damage from sun radiation and the stylish hand woven design ensures a strong weave that is flexible, but retains its shape for durable long lasting support and comfort. The frames featured in these sets are made of premium grade, lightweight powder coated aluminum, built to withstand a wide range of temperature extremes & weather conditions. Lightweight design allows it to be easily moved while the casting and moulding process creates a strong durable frame that will not expand in temperature extremes or oxidize making it virtually rust proof and very resistant to breakage. This metal is built to last. 

Wrought Iron

Our wrought iron furniture is made from hot and cold rolled low and high carbon steel. This steel is both very strong and malleable. The frames are made of components, which are bent using high power hydraulic equipment combined with hand labour. The primer and paint are electrostatically applied. Electrostatic application means that the primer or paint is applied using electric charges, which forces the primer and paint to adhere in an even coat over the entire product. After the primer has been applied, a top coat finish is applied. The top coat finish is comprised of an epoxy powder coat that is extremely durable for outdoor use. Powder coating finishes lend a cosmetic appeal to the wrought iron furniture.

Yellow Balau & Teak Wood Furniture

Balau and Teak are quality tropical hardwoods originating from Southeast Asia. Both are valued for their strength, elegance and excellent durability. These woods are very similar, however Balau is more yellow in colour, slightly denser with a tighter grain, making it a little stronger and more durable. Teak is lighter in colour and smoother in appearance. Regardless of minor differences both weather well and are resistant to decay, warping and insect infestations making them an excellent choice for outdoor use.
Sunnyside offers furniture made of both high quality and responsibly managed Balau and Teak unfinished in their natural state. When new, both have a slightly polished look from the existing natural oils within the wood. When left untreated outside both these woods will lose some of their surface oils, becoming darker with sun exposure and eventually weather to a silvery grey colour. To restore these woods to their natural colour simply wash with a mild soap solution, allow to dry and lightly sand. You can also make your Teak & Balau more weather resistant and well hydrated by periodically using an oil based conditioner such as danish, linseed or tung & teak oil throughout the season. Sunnyside recommends 3 to 4 applications per season with one being applied before storage for optimal weather resistance.  Changes in weather, temperature and moisture can also cause slight cracking in the wood, but rest assured this will not affect the structural integrity or durability of your furniture

Sling Style Furniture

The fabric on our sling style furniture is made from the strongest material developed for outdoor furniture called Textilene. Textilene is a weather proof open weave fabric made of PVC coated polyester mesh that is heat sealed to maintain its shape & provide a strong durable surface for many years. This rugged weather friendly fabric is fade resistant, mildew resistant, waterproof, easy to maintain and made to withstand the elements of our harsh Canadian climate.

Gas Fire Pit Set

Our gas fire pit set features a stylish tile top table with a durable powder coated steel frame. This set requires a standard propane tank (12”x18”) with a 20lb capacity. It has a minimum PSI of 25 and a maximum of 250, with an outlet pressure of 11” WC (water column) for connection to the propane tank. It burns at 39,000 BTU/ hr, so one standard propane tank will last for approximately 10hrs. This set is designed for outdoor use only and due to the heat factor children should be supervised.

Aluminum, Cast Aluminum & Steel Tabletops

Our aluminum, cast aluminum and steel tabletops are constructed with precision and finely detailed welding.

Glass Tabletops

Our glass tabletops are made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is five times stronger than ordinary glass. It offers the ease of cleaning and an assurance of durability in any environment.

Stone Tabletops

Our hand laid natural stone tabletops are made from marble and exotic fossil stones. Naturally porous, they have been specially sealed to resist moisture penetration.

Cushions & Umbrellas

Our cushions are covered in high quality acrylic fabrics with polyester foam inserts designed to maintain their shape & fullness while providing you with the comfort needed to relax on your new cushion. Although our cushions show excellent durability and fade resistance when exposed to the elements, Sunnyside recommends bringing them inside during bad weather to increase the longevity of the cushion. 
Our umbrellas are made with high grade polyester, acrylic and textilene fabrics. Top quality fabrics are specially designed, woven, printed and treated to resist staining and wear. UV stabilizers help resist damage & fading from the sun’s radiation. These umbrellas come in a variety of attractive colours, are easy to maintain and come with a steel, aluminum or wood frame. Our cantilever umbrellas feature a steel frame with a heavy marble base designed to provide a solid base & withstand the elements.
Sunnyside recommends when using an umbrella with a table to always use a sturdy, heavy umbrella base. Make sure the umbrella protector ring is secure inside the hole of the table. Always remove the umbrella from table when not in use. Never use the umbrella in windy conditions.
Sunnyside is proud to feature a new high quality line of acrylic fabrics on our cushions and umbrellas this year through Sunbrella. Sunbrella is the number one performance fabric made of heavy weight, durable, 100% acrylic woven fabric. Special pigments are added to the fibers making colours vivid and highly resistant to washing out, running or fading. This high quality fabric wears well, has excellent breathability and is designed to withstand the damaging effects of outdoor life; such as exposure to sun, rain, wind and pollutants which cause other lower grade polyester fabrics to breakdown. It is mildew resistant, highly soil resistant and best of all easy to clean. It even provides maximum sun protection (UPF 50+) when used as a shade cover.

Care & Maintenance

Making the Beauty Last

General Care and Maintenance

Never use solvents or bleach products to clean any portion of your furniture, including frames, glass and seating material.  Clean using mild soap and dry thoroughly before storing for the winter.  Always drain any water that has accumulated inside the frames, especially before storing for the winter. Protect your furniture with commercially available outdoor furniture covers when not in use.  If your furniture is being used in areas of intense sun exposure or hot temperatures, heavy pollution or where birds and trees are plentiful, covering your furniture is especially recommended.  To treat small rust areas, lightly sand affected area with fine sandpaper, clean thoroughly and apply touch-up paint.  Application of commercially available rust inhibitor product is also recommended.


Clean your frames periodically with mild soap and warm water.  Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly.  Be sure to drain any water accumulated inside frames.  Do not use wax on textured frames.

Wicker Resin

Clean frequently with mild soap and warm water.  Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly.  In areas with heavy pollution or smog, use commercially available vinyl cleaners.  Occasional application of a commercially available vinyl protector will enhance the look, strengthen and prolong the life of the wicker weave.

Cushions and Slings

Wipe up minor spills immediately and spot clean with a mild soap and a damp cloth.  Although fabric has been treated to resist stains, periodic use of commercially available fabric cleaners may be necessary.  Follow manufacturer’s instructions.  The best way to maintain the beauty of cushions or slings is to store them out of the elements or cover them when not in use.
Suntan oils, lotions or other chemicals or repeated exposure to extreme weather conditions (including heat) may cause permanent discoloration to any wicker resin or fabric (including sling).  Exercise caution when using lotions or oils.  If exposed to oils or lotions immediately spot clean the area.  For cushions and slings, avoid contact with or exposure to pool chemicals, including chlorinated water.

Glass Tabletops

Clean with mild soap and warm water or commercially available glass cleaners.

Non-Glass Tabletops

Clean with mild soap and warm water.  Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly.

One Year Limited Warranty

What is covered under the warranty?

FRAMES: Frame construction is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for one year from the purchase date.  Damage to frames or welds resulting from improper assembly or exposure to water and/or sub-freezing temperatures is not covered. General frame rusting is not covered.
FINISHES: Paint finishes are warranted against peeling, cracking and blistering for one year from purchase date provided item has not been scratched or abraded.  Chips and scratches resulting from normal wear and tear are not covered.
FABRICS: Fabric and cushions (if applicable) are warranted against separation at the seams for one year from purchase date.  Fading and/or discoloration resulting from exposure to the elements, oils, spills, fluids, chemicals or any other cause are not covered.
WICKER RESIN: Wicker resin weaves are warranted against separation and tearing for one year from purchase date.  Fading and/or discoloration resulting from exposure to the elements, oils, spills, fluids, chemicals, or any other cause are not covered.
UMBRELLAS: Umbrellas are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for one year from purchase date.  Umbrella bases are not covered under any circumstance.
TABLETOPS: Natural stone tabletops are only warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from purchase date.  All other tabletops are not covered under any circumstance.
Cash register receipt and invoice 
must be presented for any warranty claims.