Signs and Symptoms

Irregular holes with smooth edges are chewed in leaves.  Slimy and/or shiny trails left behind by slugs.


Slugs are mollusks that are relatives to clams and oysters.  They feed almost exclusively at night or during darker days when temperatures are warm and soil is moist.  Slugs feed on leaves, a wide variety of plants and may completely devour young seedlings.  

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Slug x Traps

This effective trap is comprised of a plastic container inside which are 3 cavities.  Stale beer is placed inside the cavities as bait.  The container is then covered by a lid.  Entry areas along the sides of the trap allow slugs access to the beer inside.

This trap is capable of collecting up to 50 slugs per night in badly infested areas.

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Safer’s Slug & Snail Bait

This new and improved type of bait is non-harmful to pets, birds or wildlife.  The active ingredient is Ferric Phosphate - a compound naturally found in soils.  Any unused product degrades safely and becomes part of the soil structure.

Dio Bug & Slug Killer

This powder can be applied either dry or mixed with water as a spray.  Slugs will perish due to internal and external abrasions incurred through contact with the powder.

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Helpful Tips

Regular cultivation of the soil throughout the growing season, in particular during times of drought, will expose and kill slugs and their eggs.  Tilling in the fall will expose dormant slugs and their eggs to freezing temperatures which will destroy them.  Remember to use all anti-slug products as directed.  For more detailed advice, consult the information counter.