How to Lay Sod

Materials Required:

  • Sod
  • Compost/manure
  • Top Soil - Sunnyside Top Soil Plus or bulk loam 
  • A rake
  • A sod-roller


  1. Remove all rocks and debris from the area.
  2. Grade soil in the area, sloping gradually away from structures to ensure water/runoff will be directed away from your home, sidewalk, etc. 
  3. Apply a layer of topsoil to the graded area. A layer of at least 10-15 cm (4-6 inches) deep is recommended for the sod to grow and thrive. Calculate the amount of topsoil you will require using the following formula: 

length of area (feet) X width of area (feet) X depth (inches)       = ______ cubic feet

A 30 L bag will cover approximately 1 cubic foot.

A self-serve bag will cover approximately 6 cubic feet.   

Note: if you require 27 bags or more, it may be beneficial to have them delivered.


*To convert cubic feet to cubic yards, divide the number of cubic feet by 27.

  1. The application of a 3 inch layer of compost or manure is recommended to help establish vigorous roots and a healthy lawn. The formula above can also be used to calculate the required amount of compost/manure.
  2. Rake the area smooth and level out any low spots. Use a sod-roller to firm the soil, ensuring that the soil does not become overly compacted.
  3. Determine the number of rolls of sod you will need. Each roll is 24" X 60" and will cover 10 square feet. Calculate the number of rolls required using the following formula:

length (feet) X width (feet)     = _____rolls of sod

  1. Order the sod. It is important to wait to order the sod until the area has been completely prepared. Once you’ve received the sod, stack the rolls in a shaded area so that they will not dry out/heat up.
  2. Lay the first row of sod, following a straight edge. For example, a curb, a sidewalk, a driveway, or a taut string will work as a guide.
  3. Continue to lay the sod so that the seams are staggered, as they are in the diagram below:


Ensure that the edges of the sod do not overlap and that they are flush with one another.
  1. Trim the excess sod with a sharp knife.
  2. Roll the sod with a sod-roller to ensure that the roots will make good contact with the soil.
  3. Water the sod thoroughly with a sprinkler for 2-3 hours. Repeat as often as necessary to keep the area moist (approximately 2-3 weeks or until new growth is present).