How to Lift and Store Tender Bulbs

Tender bulbs are warm weather plants that are planted in the spring, enjoyed through the summer then lifted in the fall. In Calgary you start tender bulbs in pots indoors in March; they get transplanted outdoors when the danger of frost has past. In the fall you will want to lift the bulbs after the frost has touched the foliage, don’t wait too long as if the bulb gets touched by frost it may not recover.

Materials Required

  • After bulbs leaves get hit with frost, lift from the soil and clean. Cut off top part, withered parts and excess soil. To remove soil, let bulbs dry, than brush off any excess soil. Never wash bulbs to remove soil.
  • Dust bulbs with a fungicide (Bulb & Soil dust). Put bulb dust into a bag, add in the dry bulbs and shake so the bulbs become coated with the dust.
  • Place bulbs in peat moss or vermiculite in mesh bags or a box.
  • Store bulbs in a dark, cool, dry location for the winter. Bulbs will remain dormant until they are planted in March for the spring.