How to Make a Winter Container Display

Turn fresh greens and holiday stems into a beautiful container display for the winter months.

Materials Required

  • Fresh greens – pine, cedar, fir, spruce
  • Fresh stems – curly willow, huckleberry, dogwood
  • Artificial stems – holiday stems with colour
  • Outdoor Container
  • Potting soil / wet foam
  • Sharp knife or shears
  • StaFresh preservative


  1. Select 2 to 3 different kinds of fresh greens. This ensures a good mix of colours and textures. Also look for some Curly willow, huckleberry and colourful holiday stems.
  2. Cut one inch off the end of each branch at a sharp angle. Then place the branches in a pail of water for at least 12 hours. Add Stafresh preservative to the water to increase the longevity of the stems.
  3. Pick a container that is at least 30cm / 12” deep.
  4. Fill the container with potting soil and lightly water to moisten soil. This will ensure the soil will have holding power for the stems.
    If you prefer to use floral foam pre-soak foam for 30-60minutes then pack securely in the container so that when you add branches it will hold the weight.
  5. Arrange branches in the soil or floral foam. Keep proportions in mind, the longest stem should not exceed the height of the container. Push stems into the soil approximately 10-15cm / 4-6 inches or until the branches feel secure enough to hold their position.
  6. Use “U” shaped pins to hold branches in place once you’ve arranged them.
  7. Spray branches with Wilt Pruf so they will retain moisture and won’t dry out as quickly in the winter winds.
  8. Once the soil in the container freezes, branches should last for months. If we experience a long Chinook, watering the planter is recommended so the stems don’t dry out.