How to Plant a Hanging Basket

Well-maintained hanging pots and baskets add colour and interest to any outdoor living area. They require frequent watering as the plants mature and their root systems expand. Adding Soil Moist to the plant’s potting soil will help the plant retain water. If the hanging basket dries out it may be difficult to re-moisten. To re-moisten the soil, set the pot/basket into a bucket of water for several hours so it can soak up the water. 

Materials Required: 

  • A hanging planter;
    a)      ceramic or plastic pot, or
    b)      wire basket lined with either sphagnum moss – a.k.a. peat moss – or a coco liner.
  • Lightweight, peat-based, quality potting soil - Sunnyside Planter Box Mix or Sunnyside Professional Mix
  • Potted plants (3-4 plants for a 10-12” pot/basket; 7 plants for a 16-20” pot/basket)
  • Slow-release fertilizer (Smartcote)
  • Soil Moist


Mix the Soil Moist and the fertilizer into the potting soil. (Please see product for mixing instructions.)

  1. Moisten the soil with water.
  2. Add the soil mixture and the plant to the hanging pot or basket.
Hanging Planter:
Planting Process:
Plastic or ceramic pot
1)      Fill the pot with soil mixture until it is 1 inch from the top of the pot’s edge.
2)      Dig a hole that is deep enough to accommodate the plant’s root ball.
3)      Remove the plant from its original pot and place it in the hanging pot.
4)      Lightly pack the soil mixture around the root ball of the plant, ensuring that it is not planted deeper than it was in its original pot.
Wire basket
1)      Put a few inches of the soil mixture in the basket.
2)      Cut a few slits in the basket’s liner near the surface of the soil in the basket.
3)      Insert a plant, setting the root ball on the surface of the soil.
4)      Repeat this process until the basket is full.
  1. Check soil moisture levels daily and water as needed to keep the soil evenly moist. (Please note: watering causes the soil to become compacted. Add a handful or two of potting soil weekly to keep roots covered and thriving.) 
  2. To keep plants blooming at their full potential;
    • Apply a water soluble fertilizer (15-30-15) every week or every other week
    • Remove all dead flowers
    • Trim discoloured foliage