How to Winterize Concrete Fountains

A very important project in the fall is winterizing outdoor fountains. If you are able to take your fountain into a garage or shed for the winter that would be ideal. However, this isn’t always possible or practical so here is how you can winterize your fountain to prevent damage from winter weather.

Materials Required

  • Tarp or other waterproof covering
  • Burlap or other absorbent material
  • Bricks or pavers


  1. Drain all water out of the fountain prior to the onset of freezing nights
  2. Remove the pump from the basin and bring indoors. This is a good time to clean up the pump, remove debris and algae that have accumulated through the season.
  3. If possible elevate the base of the fountain off the ground to prevent soil and water from accumulating around the base. Tilt or lift base and slide bricks or pavers underneath. It is important to elevate the base because when you don’t, soil and water can accumulate around the base causing expansion and contraction which can lead to cracking.
  4. Cover the fountain with a tarp or some other waterproof material to prevent moisture from getting into the fountain.
  5. Fill each basin with burlap or any absorbent material to keep condensation from accumulating and freezing inside. This will prevent cracking due to expansion and contraction from moisture.


Follow these easy steps to ensure the longevity of your concrete fountains.