Calgary’s climate can be very harsh at times and Cedars are one plant that needs extra protection to ensure winter survival.  For winter protection, we recommended that a burlap screen be built on the south and west side of the plant.  The purpose of the screen is to shade the plants and prevent excess moisture loss from the wind.

Materials Required:

  • Stakes
  • Burlap
  • Staples


  1. Prior to the ground freezing in the fall push stakes into the ground on the south and west perimeter of the cedar. Allow for 10-20cm (4-8”) of space between the outer most edge of the plant and the stakes. This will ensure the burlap does not come into contact with the foliage.
  2. After the ground freezes wrap burlap around the stakes to create a semi-circular screen.
  3. Secure burlap to the stakes with staples. This will ensure the burlap doesn’t become dislodged during the winter when storms pass through.