Christmas, a Celebration

The Christmas season is always inspiring with selection of glittering artificial stems, festive decorations, and stylish ornaments.

Holiday Plants

Holiday flowering plants, such as the traditional poinsettias, amaryllis, Christmas cactus and Norfolk pine (a live tropical Christmas like tree) are excellent ways to brighten and liven the home and office. Poinsettias can be displayed on their own or in a group for a festive effect. They also make great gifts for the holiday season. 

Caring for a poinsettia is easy if you follow two basic rules: keep it away from cold drafts and do not allow the plant to sit in water. Poinsettias like to be kept moist not wet. Always discard water that has collected in the decorative pot cover after watering.

A variety of bulbs such as amaryllis, paperwhites; and hyacinths are available for forcing indoors. Amaryllis and paperwhites do not require a cold period and they can all be grown in decorative glass containers for an elegant look.


Fresh Fragrant Greens

As you walk through the front entrance the aromatic scent of fresh greens wraps you in a comforting embrace. The tables are piled with cedar and mixed rope, wreaths, white pine, silver fir and cedar boughs. Pine cones and fresh cut stems, such as curly willow, are available to accessorize your festive indoor and outdoor inspired arrangements. If you are not the creative type or if you are short on time with your busy holiday schedule, we also offer pre-made arrangements.

How to get the most out of your Christmas boughs

You will need: 

  • Fresh boughs such as cedar, pine, fir (we recommend one of each for a full look)
  • Wilt Pruf, an anti-desiccant spray that reduces moisture loss
  • Sta-Fresh, a preservative which will increase the life of your fresh cut greens and cut any flowers.


  1. Cut approximately one inch or slightly more off the end of the branch. Using a hammer or mallet to gently mash the end of all branches but do not pulverize. This will allow the branches to ‘drink’ up the water more effectively.
  2. Mix some Sta-Fresh in a pail of water. Allow the branches to ‘drink’ the solution for at least 12 hours. Save the water solution for step three. While the branches are soaking up the solution, spray them with Wilt Pruf. This assists in moisture retention so they don’t dry out as fast in the winter winds or our dry indoor air.
  3. Now your boughs are ready to be placed into outdoor containers. Put some soil into your container and add just enough of the water solution from step 1 to moisten the soil. Arrange your branches in the in the soil. You may wish to use some “U” shaped pins to hold the branches in place. (Do not completely saturate the soil as it will freeze and expand which could cause your container to crack and/or break. If the soil is slightly moist, expansion should not be a problem.) You may also wish to use green floral foam in your container instead of soil. Allow the floral foam to soak in water for a half hour until saturated. Make sure you pack the foam into your container very securely so that the weight of the branches does not cause the entire arrangement to fall out.


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