Ornamental Concrete

Concrete fountains, birdbaths and statues can enhance any garden environment.  At Sunnyside we carry a wide variety of concrete items, with new and exciting selections every year. These ornaments add beauty and elegance to any landscape.  We have many different styles and colours to choose from; we’re sure to have something to fit your landscape needs.  Our concrete is displayed in the tree lot from late April until the end of the season.  We don’t replenish our stock so come early to see the best selection.

Winter Care

Proper maintenance is necessary to protect your products from the freeze-thaw cycles that occur in the winter. Any piece that can hold water, snow, or ice (this includes planters, all birdbath and fountain parts, benches and statuary) can be damaged by the winter freeze-thaw cycles.  To minimize any possible winter damage, please follow the steps below:

For Planters:
  • If a planter is left planted over the winter, raise it up off the ground, making sure you don’t block the drainage hole.  This will allow soil to drain and prevent the planter from freezing to the ground.   If a planter is placed directly on the ground and goes through several freeze-thaw cycles, its drainage may be blocked.  This may cause expansion of the soil inside the planter which in turn may cause the planter to crack or crumble.
  • If a planter is going to be empty over the winter it is a good idea to store it in the garage, shed, or porch away from the elements.
  • If a planter cannot be moved into a garage or shed; empty the soil and turn the planter upside down.  Place the planter onto wood strips, cover or wrap with burlap or any absorbent material, and finally cover it with dark plastic.  This will prevent moisture from getting into the planter.
Birdbaths / Fountains / Benches / Statuary:
  • Birdbath and fountain tops should not be left outside in the winter.  Once the tops fill with water / snow and freezes the top may crack.  All birdbath and fountain bases, bench legs, and statuary should be raised up off the ground in the winter so they will not freeze to the ground.
  • Ideally fountains should be stored indoors for the winter away from the elements.  However, if a fountain bowl must be left outside, remove all drain pipes and cover the top the same way you would a planter and ensure that water does not accumulate in the basin and freeze.
  • Fountain pumps, fountain ornaments and other small components should be stored indoors for the winter.