Sun Perennials

It can be difficult to choose plants for sunny gardens because of the endless choices available.  At the same time sunny borders can be hugely rewarding because of the colours, textures, and plant combinations you can create.  Here are some sun loving favourites for your perennial garden.

Beebalm – showy, aromatic, long blooming perennial that forms a dense clump of soft green foliage.  In the summer through the fall produces large shaggy flower heads in bright colours.  Beebalm attracts hummingbirds and butterflies and makes a stunning addition to the border.

Daylily – these tough, durable, easy care perennials have come a long ways in the last few years.  They form a sturdy clump of grassy leaves that produces stems that hold a succession of large lily-shaped flowers.  As the name implies, each of the flowers only lasts for one day.  Daylilies come in a variety of colours – cream, orange, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow.  Breeding work has produced daylilies that are dwarf, repeat bloomers, extended season bloomers, new colours, and flower shapes.

Here are some varieties that have endeared themselves to gardeners:  Stella D’Oro, Pardon Me, Moonlit Masquerade, Royal Frosting, and Happy Returns.

Delphinium – a beautiful, old-fashioned perennial that produces tall dense spikes of flowers in a variety of rich colours.  The plants form a clump of finely divided dark green leaves.  These spectacular perennials are great for massing, as a specimen, as a cut flower, or in borders.

Echinacea – this popular, long blooming perennial forms a dense clump of coarse dark green leaves.  In mid-summer through the fall it produces brightly coloured daisies.  An outstanding plant for the border, attracts butterflies and is resistant to deer.

Gas Plant – a magnificent perennial that forms a bushy clump of lemon scented, glossy dark green leaves.  In the early summer it produces spikes of white or pink spidery looking flowers followed by bronze seed capsules.  This long lived perennial makes a great accent in the perennial border.

Globe Thistle – a unique perennial that forms a mound of prickly-looking, thistly grey-green leaves.  In the summer through the fall it produces spiky ball-shaped metallic blue or white flowers.  This plant adds colour, texture, and drama to the landscape!

Gloriosa Daisy – a striking, long blooming perennial that produces large bright golden daisies with a dark eye in mid-summer through fall.  The plants form a dense clump of coarse dark green leaves.  A must have for late season colour in the perennial border.

Oriental Poppy – a stunning perennial that produces huge open faced, satiny flowers in late spring to early summer.  Plants form a mound of coarse, hairy, lobed green leaves.  These exquisite perennials usually go dormant after they flower, so plant something nearby to fill the hole.

Salvia – this is an attractive, long blooming, easy to grow perennial.  In the summer it produces spikes of blue, pink, purple, or white flowers over a low mound of grey-green leaves.  These plants are drought tolerant, deer and rabbit resistant, and attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

Sea Lavender – a hardy, floriferous perennial that forms a rosette of flat, leathery green leaves.  In the summer it produces tall branching heads of airy lavender-blue papery flowers.  This spectacular perennial adds colour to the summer border.

Spike Speedwell – these showy garden perennials form a bushy mound of dark green leaves.  In the summer it produces masses of upright spikes of blue, pink, white, or purple flowers.  This is a great plant for borders, cutting, as edging, or massed.  It attracts butterflies, deer and rabbit.

Stonecrop – these succulent, low maintenance perennials come in a variety of colourful foliage and flowers.  They are ideal for hot/dry sites and poor soils. It will attract butterflies but is not palatable to rabbits.  Stonecrop adds colour and texture to gardens at different times throughout the season.