Canadian Artist Series Roses


The Canadian Artist Series are the next generation of roses that have come from the same breeding programs that brought us the Explorer and the Parkland series. With the termination of Agriculture and Agri-food Canada’s research stations the rose breeding program has been turned over to an industry-directed breeding program. This is great news as this new series of roses will undergo more rigorous testing across Canada and the northern United States.  A number of new selections will be grown and added to this series with the end goal being hardiness, diseases resistance, flowering habit, and most importantly: reliability.

The Canadian Artist roses are being developed in Canada and named in celebration of Canadian Artists.  These tough, disease resistant roses grow in average soil and are perfect for beginners! Here are the reasons Canadian Artist roses will make great additions to your landscape: 

  • Easy to grow, low maintenance ideal for novice gardeners
  • Bred to be highly resistant to black spot, mildew and rust diseases
  • Adaptable to all parts of Canada, able to withstand unpredictable weather
  • Colourful, re-blooming and self-cleaning
  • Hardy to at least zone 3, some hardy to zone 2. They do not require any extra winter protection.

Canadian Artist Roses:

Bill Reid – yellow
Campfire – multi-colour
Emily Carr
– dark red  
Felix Leclerc - pink
Oscar Peterson – white