Parkland Series Roses

Parkland roses are a Canadian original that were developed at the Agriculture Canada Research Station in Morden, Manitoba.  The primary goal with this breeding program was to develop low growing, ever blooming, disease resistant, ornamental roses that will survive the cold winters and dry summers we experience on the Canadian Prairies.  Starting in 1962 Parkland roses were bred by crossing Rosa arkansana, a native prairie species, with hybrid teas and floribunda roses.  The resulting hybrids exhibited all the desired characteristics to make them suitable for gardens in the Prairie Provinces.  From the late 1960’s through the 1990’s, selective breeding of roses took place and the resulting hybrids were trial tested and then introduced.

Parkland roses are hardy to -35°C with only snow as protection, are disease resistant, flower repeatedly throughout the summer, and are grown on their own roots.  Here are the reasons Parkland roses have endeared themselves to Prairie gardeners:

  • They are bred to be highly resistant to black spot, mildew and rust diseases.
  • They are repeat bloomers that continue to flower until late fall. 
  • The last flush of flowers produces large red or orange rose hips that persist through the winter.
  • They have good fall colour – leaf colour in the fall can range in shades of orange, red, yellow and dark burgundy.
  • They are hardy to at least zone 3; some are hardy to zone 2.  They do not require any extra winter protection, just snow cover.

Parkland Roses:

Red Flowering Varieties:

Adelaide Hoodless                          Cuthbert Grant                                Hope for Humanity

Morden Amorette                            Morden Belle                                  Morden Cardinette

Morden Fireglow                              Morden Ruby                                    Winnipeg Parks

Pink Flowering Varieties:

Morden Blush                                   Morden Centennial                        Prairie Joy

White Flowering Varieties:

Morden Snowbeauty

Yellow Flowering Varieties:

Morden Sunrise