Sunnyside delivers to Calgary and surrounding areas

Sunnyside deliveries are scheduled by date, your order will arrive on the given delivery date however, Sunnyside cannot give delivery times.

Please note the following restrictions:

  • Sunnyside deliveries are placed beside or to the rear of the delivery vehicle. These are known as "tailgate only" deliveries. Sunnyside will select the appropriate vehicle type for your order to ensure your product arrives safely.
  • Customers must provide safe and adequate access to the drop site. Sunnyside cannot drive over city curbs or onto private property. Delivering to the rear of the home requires appropriate alley way access. Sunnyside cannot drop materials over fences or onto fresh poured concrete pads or drop on any landscaping that may be damaged due to the placement of materials there.
  • Materials cannot be dropped on public property including city streets and sidewalks.
  • All material drops will be placed at the sole discretion of the driver.
  • Set up and removal of packaging is not included in the delivery and is the customer's responsibility.

Once the delivery has been made please ensure that you have successfully received all of the intended products.


Delivery Rates

Please check the following pages for our delivery rates

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